landmarks and marking special events

One of two wedding parties spotted in Brooklyn Bridge Park take wedding photos — not exactly a non-traditional use of recreational space.

Does use of the park for recording an event as  important and ritualized as a wedding show that the couple implicitly recognizes the site as a landmark?  Are they there simply because it’s a beautiful setting?  Are they local residents, tourists? Are they there because the park holds some place in the history of their relationship — did they first meet there, have their first date there, was the proposal made there?

Does the location reinforce the significance and specialness of that day for them? Does the fact that people mark special events by taking photos in BBP imbue the park with another layer of meaning for park-goers?  Or does the park imbue their special events with additional importance, or a sense of history, or a sense of community? 

wedding party in DUMBO area of Brooklyn Bridge Park

Wedding party in Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO

Wedding party in Brooklyn Bridge Park 2

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